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I’m Gonna Miss Her

Yesterday, after an absence of more than two months, Ali the Awesome Sidekick came back to help us finish a big job in the rush-before-Christmas deadline.

A deadline that’s been giving the Boss grey hairs.

She hasn’t been with us for over two months because she’s deserted us for higher education.

Otherwise known as University.


 Next year, I won’t only lose my Sidekick, but also my housemate, as she high-tails it out of Cow Land, (otherwise known as the Peaceful, Glorious Country), for the Polluted Land of Highrises and Traffic jams.

Otherwise known as the City.

I photographed her last ever day with us while sniffing back soggy tears.


 ‘Stoooop it. It’s too eeeearly!’

Sadly, two months has made her forget all the wonderful, refreshing, getting-up-at-dawn mornings we’ve shared this year.

Uni students can sleep the day away if they want too.


However, she got back in to the swing of things pretty quickly.


 And as usual, laughed at all my not-funny jokes.


I’m gonna miss this girl.



Thank goodness for cars.

And petrol to put in  cars.

And wheels. Can’t forget wheels.

So, thank goodness for the combination of cars, petrol and wheels to take me on weekends visits to polluted cities to visit Ali the Awesome Sidekick.

And thank the stars for wheels to high-tail me home again.


 I got the Boss to document our last day together as a working fluro team.

I decided to make the picture more interesting by kinking my head on a mildly, uncomfortable angle.

Such a maneuver helps to preserve the memory.

  IMG_1427Bye, bye, Ali! I miss you already!


 If you find bookwork not to your taste, you know where to find us!

We’ll save the best of the scrapping and sanding and ouchy-mama tradie jobs for you!


 But seriously, girl.

Best of luck.

I know you’ll be great whatever you do.

Never stop smiling.

I hope the new year brings you lots of new, interesting experiences and joys.

I love you.

Your scrapping, sanding, ouchy-mama tradie job team-mate,

xx The Girl in Trousers

P.S. Don’t forget to remember me crowing at dawn with the roosters! Cock-a-doo-deeeee-dooooo!

One thought on “I’m Gonna Miss Her

  1. But at least you have been able to enjoy her company Kate. Im stoked for Ali to be heading to Uni! I have not seen her in many moons. or yourself actually.

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