Poetry · Yes Boss

The Boss Drinks Tea


The Boss drinks tea, every day

Come blizzard, rain or heat

He must have honey in his in cuppy

Or he’s incomplete

Milk he has to add to tea

But beware of the smell!

He forgets the fridge and THAT

‘Vill make you veel unvell’

I’m pretty awesome at this art

Cos’ while he’s up a ladder

I’m usually, brewing tea

Then shouting out ‘COME GETTA’

And so conclude I to you

There’s nothing else to add

Except the fact, my dad’s flat chat

Tea drinking, sipping mad!

xx The Girl in Trousers

Disclaimer: In such cases when I pen lines of dubious poetry, I claim no responsibly for the appearance of nonsensical words such as ‘cuppy’ or will deny ever speaking in terrible German accents.

Thank you.

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