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Things That Make Me Smile

It’s be a month since I last blogged.

Since last I blogged, it’s been a month.

It’s been one month and one day exactly since last I bloggethed.

If you wondered what I’ve been doing in this month and one day of blogging blogglessness, I’ve been successfully procrastinating about blogging. Because I haven’t jotted down one blog provoking word on my blog provoking blog, this thus equals success if blog procrastination is something your blog producing brain is trying to achieve.

Speaking of achievement, I just used the word ‘blog’ eleven times in the above sentences. I have a funny feeling my blog mojo’s back.

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging is I’ve had absol-dootly nothing to photograph and thus blog about. I thought I’d never blog again. I thought my blogging days were up. I was moving on to new things, man!

And then my camera broke. Technically it didn’t break break. It just didn’t work work. The camera which captured photos like the above one has been reduced to an equation.

(I’ve just spent the last week at Trade School doing a gazillion maths equations. I have Maths on the brain, dude!)

Kate’s Camera Equation:

Press on button = Zoom lense does crazily zooming dance = No screen response =  No shutter response = No response WHATSOEVERDARNIT = ‘Dang da daisies, me camera broke!’

Consequently, I took it in to be repaired to subsequently be told it was uneconomical to repair. So I am now cameraless and blogging again.

At moments like these, I like to define such little phenomenons as ‘one of life’s weird curve balls’.

On that note, I thought I’d celebrate my cameralessness with a trip down my blogging lane and show you some photos that make me smile. I hope they make you crack a cheesy too.

Things That Make Me Smile


Ali, the Awesome Sidekick, getting her nose bitten off.


My fifteen-year-old sister, the Grinning Koala.


Playing chases with the Munchkin.

20130426-220318.jpgThe day a fly stood still enough for me to photograph.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThe day my brother demonstrated froggy surfing for me to photograph.


Long ago family photos.

rimg1357.jpgMy brilliantly accidental attempt at tradie photo art.


The day I dressed up as Dwiddle-Dum with Ali, the Awesome Sidekick.

RIMG0272 Eating 175 mangoes (plucked from my parents’ mango trees) for breakfast, lunch and dinner until I couldn’t bare to look at another darn mango for a whole darn year.

Too much of a good thing can even apply to mangoes.


Hope you have a great smiling weekend!

xx The Master Procrastinating Girl in Trousers

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