The Constipation Post


I find myself verbally stumped.


In other words,

Stumped verbally.

In a complete state of verbal stumpness.


This here is my latest collection of ‘Kate On Garden Safarii’.


It could also be called ‘Creepy Tradie Sneaks Around Clients Yards With Camera’, but I thought that was a tad long-winded.


But ultimately, I’ve decided on naming it, ‘Her Verbal Constipation’.

Because I haven’t a thing to say about it. My brain’s as dry as a thirty-year-old lacquered window sill sitting in the sun 24/7.

I don’t have any flora fauna commentary, not one line of poetry about flower petals and babies bottoms, or even a knock knock joke.

It’s a hopeless state of affairs.


So I’ve decided we shall now view the next photo in meditational silence.

You know, for constipation relieving purposes.



And now that I have reach the end, I will hastily depart.

Happy Verbally Constipated Sunday to you all!

Few, that was a mouthful.

xx Trouser Girl

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