Ali The Sidekick · The Girl in Trousers · Yes Boss

Where’s Kate?


My arms are so ouchy, I sanded a wall

Along with my hardworking buddy

We sanded for hours, got covered in dust

Let me tell you now, we were grubby


A wall that needs sanding, I highly suggest

For those wanting bicepts all plump

As long as you know, it comes with a price

Prepare for the pain FOR A MONTH!


I was gonna  to tell you

Which sand pad to use,

The know-how it needs to get done

But honest, I think

The memory’s too raw

Let’s save it for later, please hun?


So here I conclude

Should you one day find

Yourself nose to nose with a substrate


Think of me then

Remember these words

‘Ouchy arms’, ‘lots of dust’, ‘poor old Kate’!

xx The Girl in Trousers

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