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Monkey Moo and Daisy True


This is Monkey Moo and Daisy True.

They’re siblings of mine. These munchkins are the last two my mum popped out into the world. One more kid and we would have been the Von Trapp family.

We would have needed a bigger dinning table.

I would have lost my first ever all-to-myself bedroom.

Mum would probably still be changing sloppy nappies.

All in all, it worked out for the best.


Today after church, these two set themselves the task of picking this seed pod.

Munchkin did the picking.

Anna Goanna did the lifting.


‘We are victoooorious! Yeeaaah!’


They found out I’m a pretty pesky photographer. I made them hold their poses for ages. As a result, Munchkin’s arm ached afterwards. This is him saying, ‘Oww!’

I’m deliciously evil.


There’s a lot I could say about these two.

Like how my sister used to talk you into a head spin at the age of four. She didn’t need to breath. You’d get dizzy just watching her mouth move.

These days she’s still a chirpy chatterbox, but she’s since discovered the wonder of oxygen.

I saw this little guy come into the world and take his first breath. He looked like a weird purple alien with a really wonky head.

To say the least, I was besotted.


Anna first love, when she was small, was our chooks. She had hens on the brain. She could tell you the in-depth goss on each egg popping bird, their favourite grubs, their personal character traits, who was bossing who  – the lot.

She still loves them, but there’s other things to think about when you turn fifteen.


Matthew and I have a hugging ritual that happens every time we see each other.


Anna likes to poke my side. My response is to punch her bicep and cork her arm muscle.

That’s sisterly affection for you.

I guess  I’m trying to say is that even though when mum and dad went out, I had to change a tonne of sloppy nappies because no one else would…


And though Matthew’s head looked like an Unidentified Foreign Oblong and Anna sent me prematurely deaf before my twelfth birthday…

I’m still glad my mum popped them out into the world.


Monkey Moo and Daisy True…

I love ya.

For everyone else, if you have a sibling close by, give them a hug and tell them you love ’em. Then cork their bicep.

They’ll understand.

xx Trouser Girl


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