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Nine Things About This Photo


My little sister turns sweet fifteen today. I’m off on a birthday outing to the Butterfly House with her and her friends.

Expect to see a lot of butterfly shots in my next post.

On various varieties of shrubs.

Doing various modeling poses.

Last night, she had a sleep-over party to which Ali and I were invited. The theme was ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ and dressing-up was a mandatory requirement.

Otherwise  you wouldn’t get cake.

Or ice cream.

Or Mama Bear’s yummy vegetarian sausage rolls (seriously, they’re yummo).

We had several games in the dark, in which I nearly scared one of my sister’s friends to death by saying, ‘Boo’, cooked marshmallows on the fire, had glow sticks everywhere and feasted on homemade pizza and sausage rolls.

I had a ball. I’ve decided glow stick/marshmallow/games in the dark parties are the best birthday parties in the world.

When we first got our invitation and had to decide on a costume, Ali and I knew exactly what we were going to dress-up as.

Here’s some things you should know about this photo..

1. I’m Tweedle Dum.

That’s me on the right. With the fish lips.

2. A lot of thought, time, sweat, money, and blood from my finger tips went into this dress-up.

Just kidding.

We already had the jeans and just bought seven dollar shirts from Big W.

But serious, how good do we look!

3. I have a really big gutt.

My stomach is really a pillow hidden up my shirt.

It’s not my actual stomach.

Just thought I’d clarify that.

4. You can’t tell, but I’m struggling to breath.

My hidden pillow-gutt turned out to be a modern day version of the eighteen century corset.

Who knew pretend gutts were so constricting?

5. I took my role as Tweedle Dum very seriously.

Before our arrived, before this picture was taken, and during the time Ali and I were adding the final touches to our costumes, (like our paper bibs, and the little yellow flags I very carefully cut out and stuck on our hats. You can’t see mine because I’ve thrown my head back in order to fish-lip the camera), I put a lot of practiced into my Tweedle Dum walk and pose.

It included a lot of bent-elbow arm-swinging and fish-lip practice in the mirror.

6. I loved Tweedle Dum.

Being Tweedle Dum gave me full scope to liberate my inner dork and try out every accent in my vocal range as I can’t actually do the whistling-between-the-teeth accent from the animated film.

7. My accent range is quite extensive.

I can do foreign accents you’ve never ever heard of.

It’s a particular talent of mine.

8. My little brother wanted to pose with us.

So, we let him.

I can always rely on him to get into the spirit of things.

9. This photo is a representation of my inner child.

Despite what you may think, I try to restrict my dorkhood to special occasion like party portrayals of Tweedle Dum.

Otherwise people would think I’m weird.

I am quiet normal most of the time.

I assure you I’m very mature.

Except when I don a hat with a little yellow flag. From that point on, the dork within has been released!

May you dress up as Tweedle Dum before you kick the bucket.

xx The Girl in Trousers.

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