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At a Bus Stop



I was at a bus stop in the city on the weekend.

I was at a bus stop in the city on the weekend with this strange one.


Some say she is my sister.

Some say we look exactly alike.

Some people know nothing.


The truth is my Super Woman mother went to the hospital. She had a big spherical tummy.

She came home with small spherical tummy.

And an imp they’d handed her at the hospital.


Those hospitals are over run with imps.

They’re handing them out as freebies left, right and centre.

They can’t give them away fast enough.

And that’s the truth of it.


Fourteen years and an adoptive imp later, I’m sitting at a bus stop, with said adoptive imp, in the city on a weekend.

This is what happens when you accept freebies.

I was also B-O-R-E-D.


Scary things happen when I’m bored.


For one thing I start to fancy imp burger.


Generally though, when I’m bored, I get the photo bug real bad.

And end up photographing adoptive imps sisters posing at bus stops.


Doing the cup solo from Pitch Perfect.


Cackling in true imp evilness.


While recruiting her to help me educate the world at large, on the objectionable lack of city bus stop hygiene.

Of course, in the country, our bus stops are as clean as a whistle. Your grandma could plop her false teeth down on the seat without any fear of contamination. Although, I might have a word to her about plopping her false teeth down just anywhere, if I was you. You never know who might pinch them. After all, false teeth are highly coveted accessories.


But at city bus stops, well…

You can meet some really weird people.

May you never lose false teeth,

xx The Girl In Trousers

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