Goofiness in a Cafe

The Munchkin and I ordered hot chips the other day. They say the thing we spend the most time doing in life is waiting.


Ordering hot chips is no exception.


However, the Munchkin is a creative little guy and found something entertaining to do.

If anyone told you I had a hand in instigating this entertainment, I would flat jack deny it.

I am a very mature and cultured being.


It took a few failed attempts…


And a lot of giggling…


But with some practice we got it in the right facial vicinity.

Now, ladies and gents, it is time for a theatrical performance!


‘Bonjour, I am Poirot, tha famous detective. I am working on a case most intriguing.’


‘Aah-ha! How could I have been so stoopid! The answer was beneath my nose all eelong.’


‘They have fooled Poirot for a moment, but ‘ere is no mind as great as mine, nes pas? No criminaarl will evar outwit the great Poirot!’

The Munchkin takes a bow and the crowd cheers.

Bravo! Bravo!

xx The Girl in Trousers


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