The Girl in Trousers

Housekeeping Note

I just thought I’d take this opportunity to state the obvious and say that my blog now has a new look.

Just incase you thought someone was impersonating me.

Which would only be the case if someone wanted to impersonate a girl who talks about phlegm. Highly improbable, I know, but strange things happen in this world.

You might be one of those really smart, observant people. I might not have bothered saying a word about my blog looking a tad different. If so, you can now stop reading and return to your busy lives.

If, like me, you’re the kind of person who compliments a friend’s new refrigerator, only to find the fridge has been sitting in their kitchen for years and you never notice, then maybe this post wasn’t a waste.

I confess the fridge episode wasn’t my brightest moment.

All I wanted to say was I’ll be playing around with colours and tweeking this and that over the next few days and maybe weeks knowing me, but be not alarmed.

I’m still here.

Ready to talk about hacking and other manly things.

Still penning debatably poetic poems.

And having deep and meaningful chats with canines.

Just in case you thought otherwise!

xx Love Trouser Girl

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