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A Mascara Episode


 Last week, my teenage brother, having stayed the night at my house, interrupted my Sunday morning routine with a request to catch a wave or two before we headed off to church.


I was putting on mascara. I try to do this every now and then.

It helps prove to myself that despite working alongside sweaty manly co-workers, I am still a woman underneath the sweat and grime.

It also plays the very important role of reminding me that regurgitating phlegm every five minutes is a necessity in life I have the stomach to say no to.

It is my belief that mascara keeps away stringy white stomach gum.


Although there are days when I forget mascara was ever invented, I do see its value on the occasions I get to wear it.


So when my brother needed a lift to the beach and I said yes, I whipped my eyelashes up a storm and didn’t think twice about it

Sunday is mascara day.


What I was thinking about was photography. The perfectionist in me was keen to have another shot at photographing the family surfer, since my last attempts ended in unsatisfactory results.

It was morning. I knew morning light was great for taking photos.


Maybe that’s the crux of it all.

The light was good.

It was too good.

It was eye-watering, skull-splittingly good.

The light was so good it burnt through my sunglasses, pieced my pupils, and hit the back of my retina like a uncoordinated rhino in a pink flamingo ballet.


If you were to ask me how I spent my Sunday morning, I would say; I stood on the foot path in my Sunday best, blindly snapping photos, and sobbing my eyes out.


And when it was all over, I climbed into my car, mopped up the mess that was now my face, and spent the drive to church wondering which makes me more a woman; mascara or weeping.

I’ll let you know when I know the answer.

In other news, I’ve entitled the above photo ‘The Froggy Jump- An Alternative Way to Surfboard Riding’. The opportunity to catch moments like this is the real and only reason I agree to watch my brother surf.

Photos like this make tear stained mascara eyes all worth it.

xx Trouser Girl

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