The Girl in Trousers · Yes Boss

Early Morning in a Small Town

I woke up on Sunday and went for a 6 o’clock walk.

I was feeling keen.


I also gave up my right to sleep in on weekend when I became a tradie.

They never tell you these things when you sign the dotted line.


If you became a tradie, very early morning starts become acceptably normal, breakfast becomes a grab and dash affair, and cozy evenings curled up with a book turns into a nasally sheep counting session.

And come Sunday, you can forget about a delicious few hours in bed.


Come 6 a.m., your peepers will be as wide and beady-eyed as a koala bear on an oil tanker.

I just reread that last sentence.

I think we should leave that one be.

My point is, when you’re a tradie and you’re an insomniac and you wake up beady-eyed on a Sunday and you go for a ridiculously early walk…


…a view like this one can make it all worth while.

May you enjoy an early morning in a small town,

xx The Girl in Trousers

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