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Boys Can Knit Too


My mother, a.k.a Mama Bear, a.k.a Super Woman, a.k.a the woman who can kick butt and bring bad guys to justice, is off teaching class rooms of little miniture people how to be super heros and kick butt. Or was it how to read how Bob the Cat sat on the Mat…? Anyway, it’s a Uni prac thing. She’s homeschooled her own kids for eyons of years. I have complete faith in her super powers.

Meanwhile, the Boss and I are stuck with the Terrifying Munchkin.


Who has very seriously taken up knitting.


French knitting to be exact. He’s been quiet as a chipmunk on open season. That is until he rans out of wool.

His new hobby took my back to my own French knitting days.

 Apparently, though, I’ve grown old. You don’t use an empty toilet roll and paddle pop sticks anymore.


You use this dooverlacky. Cute, huh?


Please note the use of a nail to knit with.

It adds to the knitting love.


The tradie in me thoroughly approves of this method.



You just can’t beat the pure, brilliant, awesomely ingenius of…


A toilet roll.

May boys knit and mothers kick butt.

xx The Girl in Trousers

2 thoughts on “Boys Can Knit Too

  1. Guess What! I found the toilet roll version complete with a 1/2 foot long green french knitted snake out the bottom. This will be next weeks project to work on for munchkin. Well did I kick butt??? No…but I tired a few shoes laces, sorted out “He hit me!” issues, some teary girls, some cheeky boys, danced around the room holding some bananas and a wearing a sun hat on my head and fell into bed each night totally exhausted. Nothing like the good old days of 5 year olds….except I have the wonderful pleasure of directing 22 of them. Phew…Am I sane????

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