The Girl in Trousers

Conversing to Guss


In my modest and limited experience, photography has some notable side effects.


When you get the Camera-Serious Bug, several things happen.


Firstly, all photos you take might be good, but they should be better.


You start to have a serious and traumatic relationship with the sun and all forms of light.


You current camera is never good enough.

Darn, incompetent gadget!


Whoever said perfection was unattainable was a downright twit, because, of course, you’re going to prove them wrong.


When your camera hibernates in its case for an extended period, you get withdrawals.


And your eternal gripe is about how you never have anything interesting to photograph.

So you photograph your feet.


In the course of a few short months, you capture so many flowers on film from so many clients’ gardens that you could practically start a career in botany science.


But it all comes to a head when the obsession is so strong, even a insect that spends its life with its head in manure is interesting.

You tell yourself it’s something different from another darn flower so that makes it okay.


When all plant and fly avenues are completely and utterly exhausted, you turn to whatever canine specimen is nearest to you and pour out your heart of woes.


‘Guss, I want you to be honest with me, okay? Does photographing a fly instead of a flower make me insane?’


‘Dude, flies are cool. I, like, play this game where I try to catch them in my teeth. Man! Those flies are so fast and awesome. Flowers aren’t half as much fun, y’know what I mean?.’


‘So you don’t think people will stop taking me serious just because I posted a fly photo?’


‘Chillax, man. You’re going make that fly awesomely famous. Trust me, man. I know stuff about flies.’

If the side effects of your photography reaches the point where you verbally interact with a photo of a client’s dog, it’s official.

You’ve crossed over.

Welcome to my world!

xx The Girl in Trousers

2 thoughts on “Conversing to Guss

  1. Crossing the line still has meant your photos are lovely and very creative. Conversations with dogs??? Could be seen as weird but I could just imagine that what you said is exactly what that dog was thinking.

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