The Art of Being a Teacher

Three months ago, I had the job of homeschooling a certain sibling of mine.

It was a weird role reversal since several years ago I was the one being homeschooled, but I think I pretty much aced it.

I was an A class teacher.

Superbly brilliant.

Unbelievably knowledgeable and wise.

Until I opened my mouth.

‘Right,’ say I, ‘We’re now going to do this Phonics book.’


‘No, my Maths book is next,’ pipes my student.

‘Oh…’ say I. ‘Right-o.’


‘Okay, it says here that we have to practice these words three times,’ says I, chuffed at my own intelligence.

‘No,’ pipes he. ‘We do one practice today and one tomorrow and one the next day.’

‘Why don’t we do them all now?’ I say.

‘Because that’s not how Mum and I do it.’


‘Well, I would have done them all today,’ grumbles his superbly intelligent teacher.


I definitely learnt something during my two weeks as a school teacher.


This homeschooling gig isn’t as easy as it looks.

xx The Girl in Trousers

4 thoughts on “The Art of Being a Teacher

    1. If Matthew is the King of Routine, I quite possible might be the Queen of No Routine At All. It may be for this reason I capitulated. 🙂

  1. Hey Kate,
    I like your blog! I also have a thing about clouds and love my overalls. I live in Sequoia National Forest in a very remote area and homeschool my 5 year old daughter. Life is good. If you have the time and interest, I invite you to check out my blog of kids projects, nature etc. Looking forward to more astonishing thoughts!

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