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Playing Super Dooper Pro

I like taking up close photographs.


It makes me feel super dooper pro.


And when I show you one of my good up close photographs, I can’t help feel ridiculously chuffed with myself.


Because when you’re looking at some of my good up close photographs, that’s all you see.


You don’t see the million, exasperating, donkey years it took me to snap them.


Or the gazillion blurry duds I deleted from existence.


You also don’t see me in the back yard, flat on my belly, partying with the ants as I obsessively photograph a dandelion.

Now there’s a picture.


When you see my super dooper pro photos of super up close things, I like to daydream and imagine you nod and say, ‘Wow, she’s a real pro.’

It makes me feel super dooper cool.


And while we’re on the subject of ants..

I just have to say I’m being stalked by a colony of them. They’ve taken up residence in my ’85 Barena, invaded my homemade muesli and done a month long stake out in my Dell laptop.

I snapped this photo last year and thought at the time ants were a cool, if hard to catch, photo subject.

Ants are now my arch enemies.

They’re from the dark side and use dark forces.

I’m going to do battle with them.

As soon as I order my lightsaber from Amazon.

May you always choose the good side and rid the universe of ants,
xx The Girl In Trousers

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