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How to Pick a Mango


One knows when summer is in the air when one’s father and brother pick big fat mangos off the family’s big fat mango tree.


And when I say big and fat, I mean big and I mean fat.


Mmmm…. Maaaaaangoooo….


Just on the off chance you’ve never had the pleasure of picking a big fat mango from a big fat mango tree, I thought I’d talk you through the very complicated process.

First, grab a ladder.


Then grab a Dad.


Get the Dad to hold the ladder.


Climb the ladder. Pick the mangos.


Pile the mangos in a great big pile.


Count your mangos with gleeful delight and picture sinking your teeth into their delicious, soft, juicy ripeness.

It’s okay if you drool a little.


If you count up one hundred and fifty-three mangos as we did, you’ve done very well.

And you need to invite me over for a mango feast.


Seriously…invite me.

I’ll help you scoff down fifty or so. We can celebrate summer in good old fashion mango dripping style.


So now you know all. ‘How to Pick a Mango’ can now be added to your resume.

Give these little babies a few weeks to ripen and then I’ll teach you ‘How to Devour a Mango.’

I assure you it’s a very serious art.

xx The Girl in Trousers

3 thoughts on “How to Pick a Mango

  1. Can I get an invite to your next mango picking day, they are so expensive down here that I generally only have one or two a year. I miss being able to buy the from the local petrol station for $5 for a box of 20.

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