Little Boys On Diets

My little brother is on a three week sugar free diet. This being because he had red rashes on his arms and went to see a kinesiologist. Hence, followed the sugarless diet.

Three weeks is an awfully long time for a six-year-old. It’s practically eternity. And when all your big brothers and sisters are allowed goodies and you’re not…well, life’s just plain hard. There’s been a few sad puppy dog expression, but he’s been taking it well all things considered.

Last week I was working at Mum and Dad’s and Matthew was at home. While I was on my morning tea break, he came up to me munching big piece of Vegemite toast.

When he’d finished his mouthful, he informed me with a very serious expression, ‘It’s a really good thing Dad’s not here. If he saw me eating this, I’d be a gonner.’

I nodded seriously, hiding my grin. It was all a bit too cute for me to say I was pretty sure Vegemite toast was sugarless.

‘You’d be a gonner, huh?’ I said.

Matthew nodded and took another giant mouthful of Vegemite toast. ‘Yup.’

Ahh…little brothers. What would we do without them?

xx The Girl in Trousers

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