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The Year Without A Resolution


New Year resolutions are a bit like housework. Most of us have the best intentions, but when given the choice between dusting the shelves, or tying a piece of string to your tooth and attaching it to a slamming door, you’d probably try your hand at home dentistry.

Some people love making New Year resolutions, love dreaming up new things they want to do, see and be before the year’s up. But if you’re like me, you’ll have figured that penning resolutions is like when someone tells themselves that those shelves growing fat dust bunnies really do have to wait, because they have to find a long enough piece of string with which to pull out their tooth.

(While we’re on the subject of household dust, did you know most of that stuff nestled around your trinkets and picture frames is actually dead human skin? The things they never think to tell us makes my mind boggle.)

If you happen to have executed a New Year’s resolution recently, then please accept my apologies for comparing your efforts with fat dust bunnies. You have my highest respect. What’s more, you’re going to find me on your doorstep with a thick note pad, a pen and a million questions on how you did it.

I’ve been the optimistic New Year resolution maker for as long as I can remember. Me and lists have been always finger crossed tight. This year, however, I haven’t made one.

Maybe this is because I’ve spent my week long Christmas holiday zzzing like a sleep-drugged bear. If you heard some really loud snoring going on over the past week, that was me.

I also might not have a resolution nailed to my bedroom door because I grew some brain cells this year, and realised I hardly ever see resolutions through or ever complete them. So I thought why not NOT write one? I mean, why not leave the paper blank? I won’t keel over and die tomorrow.

I hope.

So, I guess what I’ve been trying to say is I am no longer the New Year resolutionist (at least for this year) and have joined the rest of you in thinking that I’ll just sit back and see what the new year brings.

Maybe something really cool will happen. Like something really cool that I wouldn’t have thought in a million years to put on my New Year’s resolution.

Then again. Maybe I’ll just find a really long piece of string and save myself a dentist trip.

Or do the dusting.

Happy Year Without A Resolution!
xxThe Girl In Trousers

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