Matthew, Mastermind and Me

I’m the kind of girl who silently groans when someone pulls out a pack of cards or a board game.

Unless it’s been four or five years since I saw a pack of cards or a board game, and I’ve forgotten why I silently groan.

Which is, of course, never. I have a good friend who is obsessed with card games, so silently groaning is a common practice of mine.

But when my little brother pleads with me to play a game involving a deck of cards or a board, I silently groan, not once, but twice.

Once because someone spoken the word ‘cards’ and ‘board game’ in the same breath. And once because it was a little child doing the speaking.

The thing about playing a game involving rules with a child, is you never know if they’re cheating or not.

Half the time they don’t either.

It’s one of those repeatitive phenomena’s where you spend as much time asking them if they are having you on as you do actually playing the game.

But then you look into their happy little face, and watch them having fun trying to master the game.

And somehow, whether they’re having you on or not isn’t all important, and playing a game of cards or a board game isn’t so bad after all.

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