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The Photoshop Cynic

It’s been nearly four months since I started this blog and became a photo snapper worthy of her photo snapper title.

I’ve yet to receive my badge for that, by the way.

I check my mail box daily.

One could say I’ve evolved as a photo snapper. I no longer throw mini tantrums in order to keep the blurred, the average or the down right boring. These days I can hit ‘delete’ with a ruthless evil cackle.

My ideas about photoshopping have also changed, summersaulted and begun to sing a different tune.

Before photoshopping always felt like cheating, a last desperate attempt to salvage a photo I wanted to keep.

Most of the time I liked my original. I didn’t need no sneak cheat method to make it better.

Perhaps if I had the real Photoshop in the CD flesh I might have seen its virtues earlier.

I do own a copy of Photoshop. In my dreams. It sits on the shelf along with my other dreams. I’m just waiting for some magic beans and a thousand foot bean stalk.

Until then, what you see is me zapping some photos with some basic contrast and colour saturation.

If you thought I wanted to hide the dog-in-the-van’s face, the truth is my original was the desperate-to-salvage kind. Jazz was a client’s dog who hid in our work van because she was petrified of some thunder.

I thought it was cute.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m a Photoshop convert.

Of course, a Photoshop convert without Photoshop. If you know what I mean.

But when I do get those magic beans and that thousand foot bean stalk, and when I have a heap of desperate-to-salvage photos of giant feet and golden goose eggs… Well, the real Photoshop can zap them up for me.

And I’ll be in Photoshop heaven.

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