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Tradie Photo Art

A tradie’s day is full of excitement and wonderment. We spring out of bed at 6 a.m., break into song and do athletic front and back flips before breakfast.

Do we crawl out of bed, trip over the bedroom rug and eat our cereal with a glazed dump cow expression?


While I regularly sing accupella with my fellow tradesmen and practice my triple back flip in my lunch break, I realize that for an outsider it may be seen in a different light.

So I wanted to show you some tradie photo art that might help open your eyes to the wonderful world off a tradesman or woman. For they say art is the medium of enlightenment.

I can’t show you my triple back flips because Health and Safety might object. They like to keep an eye on these things.

And the accupella singing was also a no show. The men get shy about that sort of thing. Especially, those electricians.

But this here, I feel, captures some of the raw essence of the tradie.

I call it ‘The Apple Core’

And this one represents the harmonious companionship we tradies feel for one another.

I call it ‘The Harmonious Well of Companionship’

Now this one I struggled to name, though it’s obvious that the almonds represent protein and strength, which a tradie needs, and the phone is symbolic of our forward thinking and innovation.

In the end I decided to call it ‘The Almond Phone of the Tradie’

I hope you feel enlightened. If you could only hear those electricians harmonize and see those plumbers’ amazing front flips, you would know that the life of a tradie really is something.

Stay tuned for more tradie photo art,
xx The Girl In Trousers

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