Give Me Country


I’ve been thinking country. Actually, I’ve been thinking country while supposedly babysitting. I’ve been Googling country too while supposedly babysitting. There’s a bit of multi-tasking involved, but I’ve found that a standard ‘uh huh’ covers all manner of six-year-old queries.

So in between my ‘uh huh’ words of wisdom, while I was thinking country and also while I was Googling, I put together this short modest list of four of my favourite country songs.

I like the lyrics. I like the singing. I like the music. Let’s just say I like everything about them. If you’re not into country, I have only one thing to say. What planet are you on?

Just kidding.

But seriously, what planet are you on?

Just kidding.

I’ve recently become kinda, sorta, slightly obsessed with Lady A.

Which is why I have two of their songs on my list. It was just too hard to choose.

So maybe you’re not a fan of Taylor, but you have to admit she can write some good songs.

And yes, I know, Kelly doesn’t write country. I was just seeing if you were still awake. I also couldn’t resist throwing it in.

May your ears be filled with country!

xx The Girl in Trousers

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