The Girl in Trousers · Yes Boss

Summer, Thou Art Hot

This week I realised it was summer. What I mean to say is I woke up, went to work and died under a blistering Aussie summer.

Really. I died. The girl writing this is the resurrected version of me.

I confess that my beloved overalls and I have parted ways. It was that or melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. They’re folded away in a neat pile as we speak. They’re also sopping wet from my hysterial tears. Folding them away was an emotional moment for me.

I’m still in mourning.

All this body oder, sweating like the pig that went to market, and 40 degree heat has got me seriously thinking.

1. The sun is hot.
Like really hot. Like turn your legs to crisps hot.

I guess I’d just like that to be known.

2. Sweat is very normal.
Really, it is. Once you embrace sweat everything’s rosy mozy.

Here. Come and let me give you a sweaty embrace. We can be sweat buddies.

3. Maxibons are the elixir of life.
It’s not water. It’s not chocolate. It’s Maxibons. After a hot day working, or playing, or lazying about if you sink your molars into a Maxibon you’ll see I’m right.

Mmmm…come to me elixir of my life.

Oh, Maxibon…

How have I ever lived without you?

Chow y’all!

May you sweat like the pig that went to market,
xxThe Girl in Trousers

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