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A Tale of True Love and Big Families

Once upon a time, two people met, fell in love and got married.


He says it was love at first sight. A match made in heaven.

I think he’s right.img038

I mean, check out that grin.

She says he cried at their wedding. It was very moving stuff. She also says they ran out of soft drink during the wedding dinner, and had to get a friend to dash off and buy some more.img039

A couple of years past and the blissfully happy couple had a baby. She was the most beautiful, happy, darling baby that was ever seen. There was never a baby like her.img044

She was angelical, smiled and laughed all the time, never cried, or kept her parents up at night, or threw wobblies, or pooped in her nappy.img043

Okay. Maybe I lie. Maybe I did poop in my nappy once or twice. But never more than that.

Cross my heart.

The little girl was so perfect that the couple decided to have another baby.62730_446920054632_704069632_5087521_4843369_nNow they had a perfect little girl and a perfect little boy.img041

Then the two children were joined by a third, who made it a trio of perfect little children.

And the trio became a fourio.

And the fourio became a fiveio.img010

And for a number of years the fiveio were a happy gang of perfect little children. None of us cried, or kept our parents up at night, or threw wobblies, or pooped in our nappies.

Okay. So maybe I lie. I think my brothers pooped in a couple of nappies, but never any more than that.

Cross my heart.

As the years rolled merrily by, they all thought the fiveio were it forever and ever. So did the blissfully happy couple.140 LISA

But they were wrong.

When number six joined the gang, they dropped the ‘io’ on the end and simply called themselves ‘the tribe’.

You maybe kinda, sorta wondering why I’m telling you this page gripping tale.

In this story my parents are the happy couple, and tomorrow they’re celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. After being the kind of daughter who has forgotten to remember their wedding anniversary for…um…23 years, I’d like to wish them a happy one this time round.

They do say better late then never.


Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!!!

Love you lots and lots and lots and lots and lots.

Your perfect, angelical, darling daughter,
xxThe Girl In Trousers

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