The Refrigerated Pillow

My family is a tad on the insane side of the fence. You may have noticed. Or maybe not. Perhaps you’re oblivious to the fact that my family is a tad on the insane side of the fence.

That’s okay. You’re forgiven.

My point is, things that make other people’s eyes boggle like an emu’s and their jaws decide to drop to the floor and play footies with their toes. Well, those things only get an slightly raised eyebrow from me. There could be an herd of pink elephants stampeding down my street, but I’d probably shrug and say, ‘That’s weird. But not half as weird as the time my Dad…’

Actually, a herd of stampeding pink elephants would be pretty weird.

However, I have for some time considered myself to be pretty immuned to the wacky goings on of my folks and have moved from the stage of Stunned Incredulous to the stage of Highly Amused and Entertained.

That is, until last night.

Last night my eyes boggled like an emu’s and my jaw decided drop to the floor and play footies with my toes.

Because last night I discovered a pillow in my refrigerator.

Before you accuse me of being short of a few carrots, let me assure you I haven’t taken the wonders of forgetfulness to a whole new level. I did not put my pillow in the fridge.

My brother did.

As it happens, it is the same brother who I have secret Guiness Book of Records ambitions for. You may have already read about his astonishing jaw yawning talent. It really is something.

But back to the pillow in the fridge.

Last night, I stood in my kitchen, my eyeballs popping, my jaw playing footies, staring at a pillow careful placed on the middle shelf of my refrigerator. And was shocked to find myself most definitely in a state of Stunned Incredulous.

You do a bit of spluttering when you’re in a state of Stunned Incredulous. I think it’s the shock.

‘W-what is a pillow doing in my fridge?’ I cried, boggly eyes whizzing from the pillow to my sixteen year old brother.

‘Ahhh…I see you’ve notice my pillow in your fridge,’ said he.

‘Yes, I’ve noticed! W-why on earth is it in my fridge??’

‘Funny you should ask that. You know how on hot nights, it’s really hard to go to sleep?’


‘And you know how you just wish you were nice and cool?’

‘I guess…’

‘Don’t you ever feel like snuggling up to a nice cold pillow that’s been chilled in the fridge?’


‘Well, it’s the best thing ever. I love snuggling up to a nice cold pillow.’

‘And this is how you cool it? In the fridge??!!’

‘Well, I usually can’t do it at home cos Mum’s fridge is always crammed full, but yours never is so…now I can!’ He gives me his best winning I’m-not-insane grin. It kinda sorta works. I mean, if I concentrate real on his grin and stare real hard at his teeth and not look anywhere near the pillow sitting on my fridge shelf…

But then he ruins it.

‘And for that extra chill factor, did you know you can put your pillow in the freezer?!’


Yes. Really. He did put his pillow in my freezer for that extra chill factor. I could only watch, immobilized by my boggly eyes and disconnected jaw.

I think it may officially be said that my folks are a tad on the insane side of the fence, while I remain perfect sane with all my carrots accounted for.

Then again. My brother does have a valid point. Those hot nights are annoying… And a cool pillow would be nice…

Maybe I should try the pillow in the fridge.

You know. Just to see what he’s on about.

One thought on “The Refrigerated Pillow

  1. Well Kate…I’ll tell you…my eyes would be popping out playing footy with my toes too!! Is that brother of yours my son too????? I’ve never heard of anything more bizarre. I’ll make sure to never have my fridge on the verge of empty. I had such a good laugh though. I feel quite proud to have raised such potty children, life is never dull – unlike my childhood where something like putting a pillow in the fridge would just never have entered the mind of myself or any of my siblings, even in our dreams!!! Insanity Rocks!!

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