The Girl in Trousers

How To Make A Dribble Castle

Ever made a dribble castle? If you said no, I can only say your inner child’s been lonely, deprived and abandoned. But never fear. The girl in trousers is here.

And she happens to be a dribble castle pro.

Firstly, you have to be on a beach. This is very important.

Secondly, you need to pick a spot on the sand that’s not too near the waves, thus allowing them to sabotage your dribble castle efforts, but not to far away, where the sand is all dry.

Now we begin.

1. Dig a hole. I can only suppose you know how. If not, stay tuned for my post on How To Dig A Hole. Dig this hole until you reach water. It won’t take long. Use the sand from the hole to make a mound.

2. Now take a handful of water-soaked sand from the bottom of your masterly dug hole and hold your hand over your mound.

The idea is to let the drops of water ‘dribble’ onto your pile of sand, thus creating tiny sand pancakes. Don’t let clumps of sand fall out of your hand. You must let the water and sand do the work.

3. Make castle towers and turrets by strategically dropping the droplets of watery sand on top of one another until they reach a toppling height. When your hand full of sand doesn’t dribble any more, grab a fresh handful.

If in your child-like enthusiasm you forget you’re building with sand and your castle tower topples, don’t cry. Just build another.

See? All better now.

And that’s it! You are now licensed to build a dribble castle. With a bit of patience and a million years of practice, you might become as good as me.

So forget boring old ordinary castles. Make a dribble one!

It will stand proud and tall and glisten in the glorious sunshine of a summer’s day.

Until a wave bulldozers it.

Or someone big and mean jumps on it.

But don’t cry. Make another and another and another and….

‘Silly, child. Why’s she’s thrilled about a pile of sand, anyway?’

It’s not just a pile of sand, Mr Seagull. Dribble castles are an art.

So there!

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