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My Day As A Staircase


I have a confession to make. I am now intimate with the psyche of a staircase. Oh, you didn’t think a staircase had much psyche going on? Well, it does. And today I tapped into one particular staircase’s concrete essence.

In fact, I’ve practically been a staircase for the better part of today. Try to slap paint onto a staircase while people traipse up and down it. After you spend several hours dodging human feet, you’ll understand what I mean by ‘being a staircase’.

Tradies. We get to do everything.

While I’m on the subject, you’d probably be gobsmacked by the traffic one small city car park sees during coffee break. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re not at all gobsmacked by anything to do with a staircase.

But I think of these things.


And as I couldn’t think of much else today, you’re stuck reading about my psyche staircase experience. Oh and a little poem I felt inspired to pen.

I think the staircase wished to speak through me.

A Staircase’s Poem

Don’t spit on me!
Don’t scuff your shoes!
Don’t be so mean
I’ve feelings too
Your feet are smelly
Yours are gross
And naked feet
I hate the most
Find a bin
To stick your gum!
Did you think
I’d say ‘Yum, yum’?
Do not scribble
On my face
Hey little boys
You’ll trip! Don’t race!
Darn that man!
He spilt his cup
Hey say sorry
And wipe it up!
See? Who cares
What I’m put through
Day and night
They have no clue
Oh no, it’s fine
I’m just the stairs
The thing that gets you
But now it’s over
You’re all dumb
That’s right – I quit
We’re through, I’m DONE!!!!!!!!

See ya guys!
xx The Girl In Trousers

One thought on “My Day As A Staircase

  1. Kate, you amaze me again. How you can turn a simple staircase into a staircase with feelings. I don’t think it will be same next time I walk up or down a staircase again. Lovely blue by the way.

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