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The Once Upon a Time TV Show

Okay, so it’s not a book review and it’s not a movie, technically. It’s a TV series and it has really well known fairy tales in it. Well, more like really well known fairy tales with some really unknown fairy tale twists. But that all counts as a book review, right?

So I’m going to try and give you an overview of 28 episodes a few short words.

In a nut shell it goes like this.

This chick, a.k.a the evil queen (observe the apple)…

Has a mega evil witch size grudge against this chick, Snow White…

Who falls in love with this dude, James. Or as Snow likes to call him, Charming…

Who is being forced to marry this chick because the king of Charming’s land made him pose as his son to kill a dragon that the neighbouring king needed slaying and the neighbouring king offered his daughter for Charming to marry.

Confused yet?

There’s more.

Evil Queen Regina forces Snow to eat her poisonous apple to save Charming’s life…

Snow falls into deathly sleep, but Charming finds her. Awaken by his true love kiss, they take back the kingdom, and get married.

However. No happily ever afters on this page. Evil Queen gate crashes their wedding, prophesies doom on them all and leaves.

Some months later, the Queen’s word comes true. She storms the castle with a powerful curse up her sleeve Snow and Charming put their new born baby (Aha! Bet you didn’t see that one coming) in a magic tree made into a wardrobe and transport her to another world where she will be safe until she is twenty eight years old and can break the Evil Queen’s curse.

Back to the Queen.

She takes over the castle, mortally wounds Charming and then transports everyone to a ‘horrible place’.

Which happens to be our world. A world without magic.

Now she’s the mayor of a town called StoryBrook…

Snow’s a school teacher.

And Charming’s in a coma.

None of them remember their stories, their past lives or their true loves.

Except the Queen.

Oh and this dude.

Who’s actually Rumpelstiltskin. And not a very nice guy.

And Emma Swan, Snow and Charming’s kid from the past, comes to town, because her son, which she gave up for adoption ten years before, finds her, and tells her she has to break the curse because he has a story book he’s figured out is actually true.

And then lots happens, and everyone’s fate is in dire, astronomical circumstances and Emma must save the day.

When she gets around to believing in the whole curse/fairy tale thing, that is.



I really could not write this review in a few words. Totally, astronomically impossible.

If you’re wondering why I’m throwing in words like astronomical, it’s because my sixteen-year-old brother, who knows it all, has been peering over my shoulder for the last ten minutes laughing at my typos. So I’m throwing in words like astronomical to prove to him that spell check was invented for people like me.

So there.

And signing off.

xx The Girl in Trousers.

P.S. Once Upon A Time is a really good series.

If you like fairy tales.

Which of cause you do.

Who doesn’t like fairy tales?

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