A Poem About A Rooster


I wasn’t zapped by the Thought Provoking fairy today. Actually, I wasn’t zapped by any helpful fairy. So, my adopted house sitting rooster has became a star and is featuring in today’s post.

In a poem.

Of course.

When all else fails and helpful brain zapping fairies are thin on the ground, poetry will end the blog drought.

Every time.

A Poem About a Rooster

Rooster struts
Rooster crows
Rooster digs dirt
With his toes
Puffs his feathers
Pecks at grain
Shakes his body
When it rains
Sleeps alone
Kinda shy
Probably dreams
One day he’ll fly
Mainly quiet
And no wonder
One hen squorks
Louder than thunder
Likes to watch
The feeding tray
As I fill it
For the day
What he does
When I go
Only he
Can really know
But he’s there
When dusk creeps
On his perch
Fast asleep

Hope your Wednesday was a cheerful one!

xx The Girl in Trousers

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