Country Life

Chook Intruder

As you know I’m house sitting. Part of the deal is I not only fight off burglars with my amazing ninja fighting skills but I also have been entrusted with the lives of three hens and a roaster.


If reptiles make you squeezy, I suggest you stop reading.


Because the other night, when I went to lock up the chooks and top up their grain, I found this guy.


I’d like to be able to tell you what kind of snake he is but we Australians have too many of them. I get so confused. I do know this little, er, big guy is one of the few non deadly snakes we have.

Apparently, if a guy like this one bites you, it would be like a kitten bite.



My philosophy is give a wild animal space. They’re generally just leave you alone. And let you snap photos.


I happen to love snakes. How cool are their eyes?


And the patterns on a snake definitely have a high rating on my cool list.


He stayed right where you see him for two nights and a day. I kept checking up on my feathery charges to see if I was one or two chooks down. But all four are still running about.

And the snake hit the road.


Speaking of chooks…


The roaster got on the veranda and I had to chase him off.


They’re not the brightest of birds.


See that gap in the gate, mate?


You’re meant to go through it.

Good boy.

2 thoughts on “Chook Intruder

  1. Ah! Snakes and chickens, oh my. Your snake reminded me of my own snake stores… I do NOT like snakes, and I wish I didn’t have any snake stories to share. (However, you can read about them on my blog…) : ) Pretty, chicken, though, I do have to say…

    1. Snakes aren’t for everyone, Kathy, but you have to admit a creature that can move along the ground WITHOUT legs, is kind of….interesting?

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