Yes Boss

The Unsung Boss

Everyone loves the little guy, the under dog. I think it’s safe to declare us all sympathetic underdog loving souls.

Or maybe you not… Maybe you like the big guy.

In which case, you’re different.

The rest of us like cheering on the little dude. The little dude facing an insurmountable challenge. The little dude getting owned by the big guy. The little dude trying his best when the odds look like he’s going to be eating crackers and cheese for the rest of his life.

Yum. Crackers and cheese. Add tomatoe and pepper and salt and…

Never mind.

Back to the subject of underdogs.

The thing is, I’ve sort of kind of been given the Underdog jersey to wear and lately I’ve been collecting adoring fans. Totally unintentionally, but yes, true.

It starts with a new job, a new client, or even another tradie working alongside us in harmonious fellow tradie workmanship. They say hi, I say hi back. They look at me, they look at the boss.

Here it comes…

‘What’s he like to work for?’

‘Does he pay you enough?’

‘Don’t let him work you too hard.’

‘Guess you do all the work around here, huh?’

‘Has he given you a pay rise yet?’

‘Better ask for a pay rise, you’re working too hard.’

They slap me on the back, wink at me and some times give me earnest looks. As if to double check I’m happy with my working contract.

The boss grumbles about being automatically sent to the big bad boss corner.

‘What about me and all the hard work I do?’ he says.

So I’ve dedicated this post to him and to a few truths you should all know. Here they are:

Truth 1: He’s a good boss. He’s a great boss. He’s a exceptionally fantastically extraordinary boss.

Did I meantion he’s a great boss?

Oh, good. Glad we got the basics covered.

Truth 2: He let’s me do all kinds of cool tradie things. I get to play with power drills and sanders and paint sprayers and pressure washers and use rollers and brushes and paint things and…

You know. Cool things.

He doesn’t sentence me to hand sanding and hand scraping for the rest of my existence.

That’s a good thing. If you didn’t know.

Truth 3: He doesn’t work me too hard. He’s the one working over time and under time and up time. He’s like a charging cheetah on a mission with an elephant size to-do list. I’m the fatigued wart hog he kindly let’s catch up.

Believe me. I’ve questioned my existence as the fatigued wart hog on several occasions.

The boss says I’ll get fitter and faster.

I so better.

Truth 4: I’m lucky to be his apprentice. Not only because he’s a good boss and let’s me do cool things and patiently waits for my fat little wart hog feet to catch up with his speedy cheetah ones.

But because of his big lunch box eski. Which I like to raid. Every now and then. I’m also lucky he only grumbles at me and asks if I have enough money for food.

So considerate.


So there you have it. No, I’m not over worked, yes, he’s good to work for and no, I haven’t had a pay rise yet.

But I will. Good bosses always give pay rises.



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