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Earth Encounters

I would like to say I live on the edge of life.

Going on jungle safaris everyday, sighting amazing extraordinary mammals.

Coming face to face with big cats and snakes long enough to wrap around you and squeeze.

But the truth is I’m just a humble tradie.

Earning a crust to pay the next heart stopping electricity bill.

Dreaming of safaris and all those amazing photo opportunities.

But until the day I photograph lions’ tonsils and giant snake eyes, I’ll have to content myself with what’s around me. Today, mother earth was it.

Take this ant’s nest for instance. Not a bad photo subject.

If I could just make those little ants understand they’re running about much too fast for my camera’s shutter.

I think they must be over worked, under paid and stressed. And photo shy.

Speaking of critters. Is that a spider I spy?

Have a great day!

xx The Girl in Trousers

One thought on “Earth Encounters

  1. Lovely photos Kate. You are a natural (or your camera is very good – one or the other). Photography could well be your second job some how.

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