A Poem About Smart People

I’m ever so grateful
Smart people exist
Pushing paper and nibbling their pens

For while they are chewing
Stressing and brewing
I’m up with the dawn and the hens

Early mornings for tradesmen
Are all quite the rage
And sleep-ins are never the done thing

While the office girl’s hopping
Around in her heels
Here I am in the rain where the frogs sing

Piles of paper I fear
Give me quite the shakes
Adds some numbers, some figures and oppsy

I’d be fire that’s sure
And told ‘Here’s the door’
Before you’d say Sarah-lee-wopsy

I could be bit short
Of a brain cell or two
But my rain coat and me get along

Far better than I
Could strut round up high
Stilettos and suit all day long

It’s the smart folk I thank
For having the head
For that book work and thinking and study

Allowing this girl
To do what she loves
In the rain with her old mate the froggy

One thought on “A Poem About Smart People

  1. You may not be a strutter in high heels, girl, but you’ve got what it takes to be a very unique woman. Enjoy the frogs and the freedom.

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