The Girl in Trousers

Spooky Midnight Trains

Last night I was commissioned by the family to pick up a sibling brother. At midnight. From a deserted train station.

I like to consider myself pretty creepless. I love holding snakes, find spiders fascinating and in my younger days, faced a wild angry goanna when it tried to steal mum’s hen eggs. Mum was too scared to go near it. So she sent her fifteen-year-old daughter to round it up.

A word on goannas. Those things have claws to rival a tigar’s and it’s said they’ll run up a person if they can’t find a tree to hide in.

How hard do you reckon a goanna has to grip something to climb it?

Yeah, I’d give that one a miss too.

Added to my animal fearlessness, I like to think I’m too intelligent to scream when things go bump in the night. But deserted train stations at 11.54 pm are undeniably disturbing.

And that was before the white van with the creepy looking man pulled up behind me.

A white van is almost as bad as a black one. And his stereo was playing eerie old country music.

Officially started having heart palpitations.


I got up the courage to make a run for it across the station’s car park.

A deserted platform wasn’t going to stop me getting abducted, but a photo of my feet at Car D would surely help a Missing Persons investigator.


Then hallelujah, I saw the light.

I collected my kid brother, hurried past creepy white van guy and I made it home in one human piece.

In the end, I didn’t need to use those angry goanna-catching skills of mine.

Darn it. I’ve been perfecting them too.

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