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Ten Things About Working Holidays

1. Get fired as Map Reader when navigating Sydney’s crazy roads. I say it was Google Map’s fault. It was conspiracy from the start.

2. Work for relatives and get feed like queen. Soups, pasta and good old roast. Hmm…

3. Encounter grumpy neighbour who doesn’t want you to pressure wash the roof next to his. Solve this by getting your film editing uncle to film your newly invented neighbour-friendly washing technique as proof of good neighbourly conduct.

4. Indulge your inner kid by playing on the swing set across the road.

5. Enjoy the most laid back three days of work you can remember.

6. Spend the weekend at a church rally you’ve convienantly worked into your working holiday.

7. Get ridiculous sunburnt on Manly Beach.

8. Grumble about fair skin.

9. Nearly get cleaned off the highway by a semi truck on the drive home.

10. Arrive home late, yell ‘House! I’m home!’, then promptly fall into bed and dream of tap dancing hippos in red tutus.

One thought on “Ten Things About Working Holidays

  1. What a great list of recommendations for working holidays…we should all follow it. It doesn’t sound like a working holiday at all. Glad you had fun Kate!

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