The Girl in Trousers

Meet the Hats

I remember watching an actress’ interview about acting roles and costume. She said that while you rehearse for hours, the moment you slip on the character’s costume is the moment you feel that you are the character.

So I decided to introduce to you two of my wardrobe friends. Drum roll, please.

Here they are!

First to walk the red carpet is my reliable white cap, courtesy of the Paint Place whose name I advertise daily. I should be receiving royalties. My trusty companion is currently modeling the flattering residue of the latest roof job and would like to inform you that this model shoot hasn’t captured his good side. Come back when he’s had an appointment with the washing machine.

Next up is my Crocodile Dun Dee hat given to me by a concerned client who was worried about my relationship with the sun’s rays. While I don’t catch crocodiles with this baby, I do gather some laughs and odd expressions. Crocodile Dun Dee would like to inform you that he is a humanitarian hat and the teeth adorning his leopard print are fake.

So there you are. If you ever wondered what a tradie’s get up was, now you know.

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