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Funky Cacti

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREToday was a day of last minute touch ups, odd jobs and running around like a flustered busboy. That’s me running around like a busboy, not Painter Boss.


These lulls always happen at the end of a job and usually I hate them. There’s a lot of standing around involved, fetching this, packing away that, eyeballing everything to make sure it meets the standard. Then if you get all that done by lunch time, you’ve got find something to do for the rest of afternoon.


Generally, it makes for a seemingly unproductive day.

But today was different.


Today, we went around to a client’s house to discuss a future job and while the Boss was yacking away, the owner’s collection of cacti caught my imagination.


Out whipped the camera from my work bag and my inner shutterbug cackled with glee.


Actually, I mostly spent the whole time squinting at the little display screen, hoping something would come out half decent, despite the sun’s glare and my blind focus-and-shoot photography.


All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised I photographed these groovy desert guys and did them some form of justice.


And it was a super fun way to spend the afternoon.

Hope they jazzed up your day,

x Trouser Girl


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