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My Singing Battle with Carrie Underwood

I had a very cool dream last night in which I was in a singing comp with Carrie Underwood. We were performing a song together and were being marked on our performance like a singing battle from The Voice.

Enters the cool part. As you do in dreams, I completely forgot my first line. However, unfazed by this (as only you can be in a dream) I improvised. Carrie was forced to start making up the song too because I was changing it all.

It’s result was a super great concert song in which I rocked and the crowd screamed for, ending on the upbeat line of, ‘Don’t cry, don’t worry, just smile’.

‘Oh yeah,’ I said into the mic as it ended and I shot Miss Underwood a grin. She had a look about her that suggested she didn’t know what had hit her sweet Muskogee vocals.

As we started to walk off stage, I had a spring in my step and all the confidence of a sure winner.

I woke up to the echo of thunderous applause and the last line of our awesome on-the-spot co-creation of funky beats and positive mantra. Now if I could just remember the other lines, I could become a singing sensation…

‘Don’t cry, don’t worry, just smile.’

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