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Poem About Water

Do you have a job like mine
Messing ’round with paint
Sanding, scraping, filling nails
Having smoko break?

I work with paint and brush and broom
Filler, zinc and spanner
Inside, outside, up and down
Planks, roofs or ladder

The big boys toys are my toys
Sprayers, trailers, drills
But I must confess to say
The washer gives the chills

If you want to paint a roof
This great machine you’ll need
It spews out water faster than
You’ll ever need to see

Here’s a tip when using it
Girls who don’t like water
Can’t expect to not get wet
When you’re a painter’s daughter

I had the gear, the muscles too
Ear muffs, wellies, hat
But all my preparation failed
My error? The roof was flat

Water everywhere! In my eyes
Up my nose and face!
Soakng overalls! Filling shoes!
Down my feet it raced

Sloshy sloshy! Goes my socks
Dippy! Go my pants
Presser Washer laughs with glee
I never had a chance

This is a faithful honest tale
Of a day in trousers
The Boss is up the ladder now
Battlin’ torrential showers

I have but one last thing to add
As socks tan in the sun
If you lack the wit like me
Bring the raincoat with you, hun!

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